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NextGen Channel Portal

Business Challenges

P&C insurance industry is swarmed with fast changing risk landscape thereby creating innumerable business opportunities for insurers and reinsurers. C-Level executives constantly hear about digital marketing, digital distribution, digital IT architecture, and digital technology  lingos like telematics, automation, and machine learning. Digital transformation of insurance can be defined as offering of improved and personalized customer experience powered by mobile services, AI, machine learning, predictive analytics etc.

NextGen Channel Portal (NCP) is a cohesively built Insurance digital platform that allows to configure digital experiences for agents, brokers, customers and service providers. NCP equips insurers globally with cutting-edge user experience technology.

NextGen Channel Portal - B2B Features

Frontline users quickly adopt to digital products and other IT trends at the same speed as they are introduced in the market. Insurance agents and brokers fancy to close their deals with customers as well as wish to engage with their insurers via digital means and methods. To retain these frontline business users as well as to gain new ones, insurance companies are forced to get adept to the changing trends. NextGen Channel Portal aims to exactly fill this space in B2B, B2C and B2B2C markets with its feature-rich and enterprise ready digital platform.

Powered by FirstGen P&C Core Insurance system as the default back-office application, NextGen Channel Portal (NCP) helps you to enhance your business agility, cherish your customer satisfaction and to enjoy the distinct digital experience. Designed for robustness, configurability and flexibility that integrates with a wide pool of third-party services just makes NCP as a standout among the P&C insurers.

NextGen Channel Portal - B2C Features

Extensive Functionality

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Manage your customer relationships, hierarchies, portfolios and timelines with context-aware data model and customer 360° view

Generate and manage leads by engaging, nurturing, qualifying and converting them to customers across different groups.

Manage grievance lifecycles with ease for the complaints received directly from the customer or through the agents on behalf of their customers.

Boost your productivity with pre-configured productivity tools and widgets straight from the intuitive and data enriched dashboard.

Centrally manage and track all the activities in link with quotations, policy endorsements, renewal notices and claims notified 

As a B2B user, stay in full control of your portfolios by locating, tracking, delegating, escalating and monitoring each business request made to the back-office users.

Issue Standard as well as Quick Quotes with attractive pricing options without compromising on the process workflows and data quality.

Empower your agents and brokers to make instant decisions by providing them the privilege for managing the policies, renewals and claims

Notify and track claims initiated from policyholders, agents and others,. Stay updated about claim cancellations, closures and payment schedules

Stay informed with real-time customer data, analytical data  as well as about insurance news, announcements and events.

Transact payments in bulk or online through your favorite payment gateway interface straight from NextGen Channel Portal


Unifying Solution

  • Consolidated view of business-critical information related to Sales, Services, Campaigns, and Trainings.

  • Unified information from multiple sources and back-end processing

  • Seamless digital experience complemented by all the benefits of FirstGen P&C Core Insurance application


Ahead of the competition

  • Progressive Web App

  • Enterprise Ready with

    • Google Vision OCR

    • Google Analytics

    • Google Geolocation

    • WhatsApp for Quick Quote and Status Enquiry

  • Multi-lingual and multi-currency

  • Diversified hosting options with both on-prem and on-cloud deployments

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